chorographic comission vessel

chorographic commission vessel detail


Top: Chorographic Commission Vessel (Two Joined Figures). Wood-fired and then oxidized earthenware.  7-1/2 x 5-1/4 x 5-1/4". Made in Colombia in 2016.

Bottom: Detail of Chorographic Commission Vessel (Shaman). Wood-fired and then oxidized earthenware. 6-3/4 x 5 x 5”. Made in Colombia in 2016.

In 1850, the young Republic of New Granada or what is today Colombia, developed a project known as the Chorographic Commission to survey the territory and its provinces in order to promote commerce, foreign investment and immigration. Scientists, writers and artists partook in the process and produced detailed descriptions and renderings of the landscapes, people, trades and resources of the New Granada. The sources of the drawings on this series of vessels are watercolors of indigenous idols made by Henri Price in 1852 for Chorographic Commission.

The hand-thrown forms were inspired by the simplicity of local traditional vessels.  A very simple line drawing made with a combination of oxides was applied with a fine brush and then partially covered with industrial white glaze. The effect is similar to that of previous works on paper where a partially covered line drawing shows through a white overcoat.


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