La Mas Educada

From a series of drawings made for the exhibition La Más Educada, organized by Latienda. The gallery utilized the slogan of the development plan of the regional government Antioquia the Most Educated, as a point of departure for the event. The series consists of composite drawings based on the following five music videos.

  1. Los Gavilanes del Norte - Cruz de Marihuana
  2. Patricia del Valle - A chillar a otra parte
  3. National Anthem of the Republic of Colombia
  4. Vicente Fernandez – El Ayudante
  5. Pipe Bueno - Esta Vez Te Dejo

These were the five consecutive songs aired on Radio Cristal starting at 5:45 p.m. on Monday Dec, 3, 2012. Radio Cristal is one of the highest-rated radio stations in Antioquia.