Our instinct for preservation makes us resist oblivion. We hoard, archive and document in order to resist the natural course of memory. We don’t want to forget or be forgotten, so we strive to be significant enough so that our legacy will be preserved for posterity and become part of a sublime narrative. We embalm ourselves in this way and as if that wasn’t enough, we do the same to others. We are lured by the remains of the past because in them we see ourselves, so we collect and archive the dead in order to dissect them, until we discover how they may or may not fit into our own story.

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Exhumation Fragments. Pit fired earthenware figures, buried and exhumed, 13-1/4 x 8-1/4 x 9-1/5" and other sizes. Made in Colombia between 2013 and 2014.


Peruvian Mummy and Poporo Diptych.  Inkjet ink and calcium carbonate on vellum, mounted on vinyl. 7-1/4 x 10”, framed separately in cedar wood. Made in Colombia in 2013.



Helena Service. Wood-fired earthenware service is composed of a total of 15 pieces of various sizes from 9-1/2 x 11-1/5 x 8” the largest, to 3 x 2-1/4 x 2-1/4” the smallest. Made in Colombia in 2015.


Mummy, from the series Para Lola. Inkjet ink and calcium carbonate on paper. 8.5 x 11.5”.  Made in Colombia in 2013.