This curatorial project functions as an itinerant gallery that exhibits artworks mostly created by Campos de Gutiérrez residents along with projects by local artists. Espiga was born with the intention of sourcing exhibition spaces to facilitate dialogue between local and international artists. In order to achieve this, Espiga has collaborated with various cultural and artistic spaces in Colombia such as Plecto Gallery, Casa Tres Patios, Por Estos Días, and The Palace of Culture Rafael Uribe Uribe.

Curatorial Methodology

A Sheaf, or Espiga in Spanish, is composed of various elements like flowers or grains, linked by a central structural axis. Similarily, Espiga aims to link individual works by means of a comprehensive exhibition. The curatorial strategy is based on Walter Hopps' methodology in which the sense of character of a work of art is acknowledged and coherently worked into the central theme of the exhibition. Espiga aims to generate multifaceted exhibitions, both international and interdisciplinary, that contextualize the results of a residency program and local artistic work. One of the goals of Espiga has been to organize events that cater to popular and specialized audiences alike.


Huellas y Apariciones inauguration at Casa Tres Patios, Medellín, 2014.

To view images and more information about Espiga's past exhibitions, please visit Campos de Gutiérrez' facebook albums. You may also visit the Campos de Gutiérrez activities page to learn more about exhibitions organized by Espiga.




Selected Exhibitions:




MDE: Autoponomous, Casa Tres Patios, Medellin, 2016. (Curated by Andrés Monzón for Campos de Gutiérrez as a host space of the International Art Encounter MDE15 organized by the Museum of Antioquia, artists: Amara Abdal Figueroa, Carlos Sánchez, Fiorella Gonzáles, Hannah Meszaros Martin, Inkeri Harri, Natalie Herrera, Juliana Vélez)


MDE15: Between ( ) and Nowhere. Crealab, University of Antioquia Arts Dept. Cultural Center, Medellin, 2015. (Curated by Andrés Monzón for Campos de Gutiérrez as a host space of MDE15, artists: Annalise Murphy, Helen Tubridy, Jan Lotter, Pedro Batista, Julia Soler, Manuela Montoya)


MDE15: La Tierra Llama, Campos de Gutierrez and Bocaná Church, Medellin, 2015. (Co-curated by Paola Peña Ospina and Juan Guillermo Bermudez, Artists: Andrés Monzón, Marc Audette, Oliwia Beszcynska, Maya Bush, Emma C. Cook, Louis Thomas Pérez, Parul Singh, Myriam Tapp, Nanao Tsukuda. Voz a Voz Choir directed by Joaquín Zapata and Gabriel Mario Vélez)


Strange Commonplace. PLECTO Gallery, Medellin, 2014. (Co-curated by Andrés Monzón, Paola Peña and Liliana Hernandez, artists: Soliana González, Jean Paul Gómez, Keke Vilabelda, Chris Wolston)


Jus Utendi Fruendi Abutenti. Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Medellin, 2017. (Curated by Andrés Monzón, artists: Carlos Franco, Jakob Westberg, Jeanie Lee, Leonela Lilja, Manuel Garibay, Natalia Giraldo, Samuel Petherbridge)


Remembering the Mexican Revolution: A Look Into Zapatista Daily Life. Sala de Ciudad (City Gallery), Empresas Públicas de Medellin EPM, Medellin, 2014. (Archive exhibition curated by Paola Peña Ospina, co-organized by Andrés Monzón, Paola Peña and Moroni Spencer Olarte, featuring artists Juan David Laserna and Sebastián Alvarado)


Medellín International Film Festival Exhibition. Crealab at the Cultural Center of the Art Department of the University of Antioquia. Medelli, 2016. (Co-curated by Andrés Monzón, Aurélie Carmouze, Jorge Parra, artists: Liz Heller, Chelsea Gilmore, David White, Jeannie Yoon, 4 Ríos Collective, Ronal Castañeda, Sara Marín Amariles)


Mnemonic Arrangements. Casa Shuhari, Medellin, 2014. (Co-curated by Madé Spencer-Castle and Andrés Monzón, artists: Maya Bush, Emma C. Cook, Avi Farber, Melissa Guevara, Madé Spencer-Castle, Louis Thomas Pérez, Nanao Tsukuda, Andrés Monzón)


Árbol de Papa, Campos de Gutiérrez, Medellin, 2014. (Curated by Andrés Monzón, artists: Hélène Baril, Maude Arès, David Preddy, Guim Camps)


You Can Dig A Hole in the Air, Cultural Center of the Visual Art Department of the University of Antioquia, Medellin, 2013. (Co-curated by Andrés Monzón, Paola Peña, artists: Fredy Alzate, Hans Bryssinck, Ivan Carazo, Felipe Cuartas, Jan Lotter, Juan Moreno, John Ransom, Chris Wolston)


Puerto Paraíso, Regional Artist Network, Medellin, 2014. (Artists: Soliana González, Oliwia Beszczynska, Jean Paul Gómez, Marco Chiandetti, Chris Wolston)


The Campos de Gutiérrez Archive travels to North of Santander, Part of the Lunada del Rosario Antiguo organized by the Museum of the North of Santander, Villa del Rosario, Colombia, 2014. (Curated by Andrés Monzón for the Museum of the North of Santander, artists: Evelina Jagminaite, Maippi Ketola, Natalia Giraldo, Oliwia Beszczynska, Parul Singh, Ivan Carazo, Jan Lotter, Marc Audette, Marco Chiandetti)


Para Lola, Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater and Campos de Gutiérrez, Medellin, 2013. (Organized by Andrés Monzón, artists: Jonathan Cane, Andrés Monzón, Myriam Tapp, Adam Triano)


Efímera. A solo exhibition with Lithuanian artist Evelina Jagminaite was the first organized by Campos de Gutiérrez. Casa Imago, Medellin, 2011.