Thank you for visiting this website of my visual and relational projects. The works included are arranged in a somewhat chronological order rather than by media. I go back and forth between the fields of painting, installation, and ceramics, and I am also the founding leader of various international projects that promote art and culture in Colombia. Most notably I am director of The Campos de Gutiérrez Foundation through which I have been organizing numerous international exhibitions in different galleries and cultural centers of the city of Medellin.

andres monzon
pit-firing at Campos de Gutiérrez in 2013.
guacharos (birds) on the walls of a marble cave in the Rio Claro Natural Reserve, 2013
Santa Elena
topography of Santa Elena where I currently reside
chair made with branded cow hide at Campos de Gutiérrez
talk at palace of culture
artist talk with Laura Marsh, Palace of Culture Medellín, 2013.
Liminal Marco Chiandetti
Liminal, a work by Marco Chiandetti in the Espiga exhibition Puerto Paraíso, Medellín, 2014.
Emeral Wise's green-ware made from clay processed on-site. See MAATI.